Hi! I'm Satnam

A machine learning engineer in Seattle.


Catch Up

  • Social networking application, inspired by Facebook.
  • Single-page Backbone.js application consuming RESTful JSON Rails API.
  • Houses an entity-ranking search feature powered by Redis as a cache store.
  • Delivers ranked search results for 10,000 users in an average time of < 50ms.
  • Extends the Backbone View class with a custom CompositeView class to optimize browser speed and keep the code DRY


  • Classic single user online game inspired by Atari‚Äôs Asteroids built using Javascript and jQuery.
  • Uses vector algebra and trigonometry to enable dynamic object movement and collisions.
  • Smooth rendering of graphics at 60 FPS using HTML5 Canvas API.


  • Beginner friendly CLI game implemented with Ruby, focused towards OOP concepts.
  • Houses a Articially Intelligent CPU player powered by Minimax algorithm and alpha-beta prunning.
  • Used IO/Console and Colorize gems to implement a convenient interface for user input.
  • Multi-level class inheritance structure to DRY up code.